Ecotricity Against Fracking

No other energy company in Britain does more to oppose fracking than we do.

We were the first supplier to publicly declare our opposition and to introduce a ‘frack-free gas’ promise – assuring our customers that we’ll never source any of our gas from shale, and that we’ll never invest in fracking.

This may seem pretty obvious for a green supplier,  but some energy companies are deeply involved in fracking, and some are even funding it. That means opponents of fracking are often unknowingly supporting it through their gas bills.

We have a chance to put a stop to fracking in Britain – if customers boycott the companies who support fracking, they can show that people really don’t want their homes to be supplied with gas generated through fracking.

We work with anti-fracking groups around the country to support their campaigns in any way that we can.

And we’ve developed an alternative way to make gas in Britain – making green gas from grass. We've already submitted plans to build our first Green Gasmills – Britain could make all the gas it needs this way. 

As part of our  Campaign for Green Gas, we’ve submitted applications to build two Green Gasmills at locations where there are currently plans for fracking, and we’ll be submitting more applications at similar sites soon.

It’s a revolution in gas, and we don’t need to frack the countryside to get there – we just need to mow the grass.

Protesting against chemical trucks and gas derricks

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