Our Green Gas

When you turn on your central heating or your gas cooker, you’re burning a fossil fuel that’s millions of years old – and it won’t last forever.

There are actually other ways to make gas – better, greener ways. We can now make  green gas from grass and put it directly into the gas grid, just as we make green electricity for the electricity grid.

We have several Green Gasmills currently in planning, and have  just received permission to build our first mill at Sparsholt College in Hampshire. We’ll be making further announcements shortly – we think green gas will soon be established as a major energy source for the UK.

Not only will our Green Gasmills generate gas that’s 100% green, they’ll also provide a viable alternative to fracking in Britain.

To demonstrate this, we’ve launched our  Campaign for Green Gas, where we’re proposing to build Green Gasmills on sites where there are currently plans for fracking.  

Take a look at our campaign, and find out how you can get involved.

In the meantime, all of the gas we supply comes with our  Frack Free Promise

Our Green Gas

Find out what we’re doing, and  how you can get involved.

Campaign For Green Gas

No other energy company in Britain does more to  oppose fracking than we do.

Ecotricity Against Fracking

It’s the answer to several problems.

Why Green Gas?

How our Green Gasmills will work, and what we'll feed them with.

How Green Gas Works?