Dulater Hill Community Benefit



In December 2011 Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Government Energy Minister, said:

“The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that communities all over Scotland benefit from Scotland's vast natural resources." 

Ecotricity is committed to this vision too. Set up in 1995 as the UK’s first green electricity company, we now power over 120,000 customers from a growing fleet of wind and sun parks. We are an ethical, ‘not-for-dividend’ enterprise that, on average, invests more per customer in building new sources of green electricity than any other supplier in Britain.

Some energy generation companies are in the renewable industry solely to benefit its shareholders and believe that Community Benefit is simply “a cost of doing business”. We are different!

Ecotricity’s mission is to change where Britain’s energy comes from – to fight climate change and bring about sustainability not dependence on imported fossil fuels. And we want the communities that host our wind parks to benefit from energy independence and sustainability too. 

To achieve this, our partners the Green Britain Foundation will ensure that, as recommended by the Scottish government, an index linked £5000 per MW per year will be available to host communities in order to promote sustainability projects.Our windmills will be generating clean energy in local communities for 25 years,but we want to leave a legacy that will continue long after our windmills have gone. That means you can apply for funding for local sustainability projects in your area. And we will encourage this by working with local communities to develop a long term Community Sustainability Plan.

How much is available to the local community?

If the Dulater Hill wind park is granted planning consent, Ecotricity will contribute about £7 million to local community over the twenty-five year lifetime of the wind park via our partners The Green Britain Foundation. Funds will be allocated proportionately on an annual basis.  

What can be funded?

The Green Britain Foundation favours projects that contribute to a reduction in COemissions and increase local sustainability, whether that’s an electric vehicle for the local school or energy efficiency measures for a local sports club. The Green Britain Foundation’s main themes are Energy, Transport and Food, which between them contribute up to 80% of everybody’s personal carbon footprint. But while we will encourage applications for local sustainability projects to acknowledge these themes, we also want local communities to come up with brand new ideas for projects that will increase local sustainability.    

There are lots of things you can apply for funding for. How about growing more local food to promote local employment, health and tourism? Or how about an electric minibus for free community use? There are lots of ways you can make use of the funding available to have a great impact on the local community. 

How will it work? 

It’s very simple. If you have a great idea for a sustainable project, you can just go onto the Green Britain Foundation website and fill out the application form – individuals or groups can apply and all projects will be reviewed within a four week period.

As well as individual projects, we especially encourage local communities to develop a Community Sustainability Plan so that those communities can identify what projects might be of best use to as many people in your area as possible.  

We believe that local communities should own their Community Sustainability Plan, but we can work with local communities to develop a process that fits their local area specifically and will discuss with you the best way to deliver it. 

What is a Community Sustainability Plan?

A Community Sustainability Plan enables communities local to our wind parks to look at a wide range of issues and decide how best to improve the sustainability of the local area. It will enable you to plan ahead for your community and deliver projects that will have a positive impact on the area’s long term sustainability. 

A Community Liaison Officer will be appointed to meet with local groups and individuals to help the local community pull together their own Community Sustainability Plan. If you have plans and projects that you want to deliver but are not sure how to do it – we can help.  

Who is entitled to funding?

Funding is available to individuals and groups within the local community close to the Dulater Hill wind park. We will work closely with local people in order to help define how widely funding entitlement should extend. Developing a Community Sustainability Plan will also help determine where the funding will be most appropriate and will bring the most benefit.

We can work with the local community to help you deliver that Sustainability Plan, and allow you to identify the best projects to get off the ground. This may range from energy security and affordable heat for some members of the community, to developing a new enterprise or encouraging green tourism.

Energy Independence

Ecotricity’s mission is to change where our energy comes from and bring about energy independence through renewable energy, not fossil fuels. We want this vision of energy independence to work at a local level too. With the funding available through the Green Britain Foundation, local communities can also start thinking of delivering their own energy projects, whether that means solar panels or energy efficiency measures across the area.

Energy independence of this kind can help energy bills and profits be controlled by and kept in the local area. This kind of project would also be covered through the Community Sustainability Plan – and we can advise on how to pull that together.

Make It Big!

We will encourage you to use Green Britain Foundation funding to gain match funding – if you want to do that, we can provide help and advice. 

If you want to know more, if you have a project that you would like to include or know of an organisation that will benefit from Green Britain Foundation funding, please contact:

Chris Perkins
28 Tomnahurich Street

01463 223 377
E-mail:  chris.perkins@ecotricity.co.uk


Each project will be reviewed your Local Community Liaison Officer and the trustees of the Green Britain Foundation within four weeks of receipt.