Our happy customers at Ecotricity are always recommending us to their friends and family; they’ve been doing it for years.

So we wanted to give something back: a way of saying thank you. 

Our refer-a-friend scheme is the best in the industry: if a friend, family member or colleague signs up to Ecotricity on your recommendation, we’ll give you both a £50 voucher to spend at online retailer Ecotopia.

The more people who sign up thanks to your recommendation, the more vouchers you get.

Simon Goodwin

How it works

Every Ecotricity customer has a unique refer-a-friend code.

Simply share this code with your friends or family via email, Facebook, Twitter or just in person and get them to quote it when they sign up.

Once your friend’s energy supply goes live with Ecotricity we’ll send you each a voucher within 28 days.

* Check out the terms and conditions.

How to get your code

You should have received your refer-a-friend code when you signed up with us.

If you don’t have it, just email us on or phone us on 0800 999 4600 and we’ll let you know.

£50 Ecotopia Voucher

What can you buy at Ecotopia?

Our sister company Ecotopia is an online retailer where you'll find an extensive range of LED bulbs and energy saving products to choose from as well as organic food, eco cleaning, eco laundry and body care products.

Everything you'll find at Ecotopia supports a better way of doing things. Whether it's Fairtrade, organic or sustainably sourced - there's a social, ethical or environmental benefit inherent in everything Ecotopia sells.

Case study

Simon Goodwin lives in Walthamstow in a 1930s two bedroom first floor flat with his wife, Kath.

Simon and Kath switched to Ecotricity in 2011 after hearing good reviews of the company on social media from actor and electric car enthusiast, Robert Llewellyn.

Simon runs a busy photography business, Goodwin Photography, and keeps a page on his website with his Ecotricity refer a friend code, so customers and friends can sign up. 

So far around 75 people have switched to Ecotricity using his page, earning Simon nearly £4,000 in Ecotopia vouchers!

I didn’t think that I would generate that number of switches, it’s added up to a massive amount. It’s allowed me to keep the cupboards topped up throughout the year and buy clothing too, which makes a big difference.

Simon has also used his vouchers to make charitable donations too. 

It seemed a bit of a waste to have all the food just for the flat, so we’ve made quite a few massive orders so that we can donate to Eat or Heat, our local food bank. I also volunteer there, so it gives me an opportunity to help in other ways too.


* Check out the terms and conditions.