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Some answers to your most frequently asked questions.

How do I become an Ecotricity customer?

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To become a customer, just complete this simple form. It’ll only take you five minutes. We’ll look after the rest.

Am I eligible for Microtricity?

The Government introduced this scheme to encourage more people to invest in small scale green generation. Standard rates apply only if your system meets the following criteria:

  • It was installed by an MCS installer
  • It is up to 50kW
  • It was installed after 15 July 2009

What if I installed my system before July 2009?

You’re obviously a green pioneer – a kindred spirit, so don’t worry – all is not lost. We want to support you.

You should still be eligible for Microtricity, but a different rate will apply, which is, unfortunately, less than the standard rate.

What if my system is over 50kW?

We consider larger generations on a case-by-case basis. Please email us for more information at

What if I received a grant for my system?

If you’ve received a grant for your system installation your eligibility may be affected. Please contact us for more information on 08000 302 302 or email us.

Are all generating technologies treated the same?

Not quite. Solar PV and mini-wind FiTs are guaranteed for 20 years from the date of registration; new anaerobic digestion and hydro for 20 years and some micro combined heat and power (CHP) for 10 years. Feed in Tariffs do not apply to solid or liquid biomass – support for this is maintained under the Renewables Obligation (RO).

What kind of meter do I need?

A ‘total generation meter’ measures exactly how much electricity you generate. This is provided as part of your installation.

An ‘export meter’ measures exactly how much electricity you export into the grid. It's optional and you have to pay for it. Without a meter your export is estimated at 50 per cent of your total generation (75 per cent for a hydro system). In most cases the estimate is the more beneficial for you.

How much will I be paid?

Your system will earn you money from two rates:

Generation tariff
Receive a fixed payment from Ecotricity for every kWh you generate, regardless of how much of it you use yourself.

Export tariff
Any electricity you don’t use is fed into the grid and earns you an additional amount per kWh. This is either based on readings from your export meter, or estimated at 50 per cent of your total generation (75 per cent for a hydro system).

The tariffs are linked to the retail price index (RPI), which means that your tariff will increase or decrease with inflation or deflation.
Factors such as the size, type, commissioning date of your system and energy efficiency rating of your property will affect your tariff. Tariffs are divided into bands based upon the total capacity of your system.

And you're free to opt out of this fixed price and negotiate a price on the open market.

You can view a complete list of rates here.

How will I be paid?

Four times a year. We’ll remind you by email to submit meter reads and use them to calculate your payments. There are two methods of payment; credit onto your quarterly energy bill or a payment into your bank account.

Can I install more capacity?

The scheme covers a maximum generation of 5MW.

The rules make it clear that you cannot under-size plants or split one artificially into two in order to benefit from a higher tariff.

If you have two different technologies on a single site they'll be classed as two installations.

If a site has more than one installation of the same technology it's classed as a single installation.

A site is defined according to a number of factors, such as address, map reference and electricity meter identification.

If expansion takes place, it will be treated as a separate installation. The original installation will be treated as having continued in the same class, while the new installation will be rated at the capacity of the aggregate of the two stations.

Can I switch to Microtricity if I’ve previously been registered under the Renewable Obligation (RO)?

Yes, we will match the Ofgem tariffs for these older systems.

Do I pay tax on the income I receive?


Can you help me complete Ofgem's solar PV declarations form? 

Yes, of course – here's the form – and we’ve pulled together the following questions:

What is a FiT generator and nominated recipient?

A FiT generator is the person who owns, or has permission to manage, the generation system the application is for. A nominated recipient is the person/entity who receives the FiT payment but isn’t the FiT generator. Leave the space blank if there’s no nominated recipient.

Is there any exceptions?

Yes, if your application is for an extension of existing technology – for example adding more panels to an existing PV installation – you don’t need to complete the multi-installation declaration.

What do I send back, and how?

All pages must be returned. You can scan and email them to or post them to:


If you’re still unsure about completing the declaration form, please call us on 0345 555 7600 or email us at