Britain's Greenest Energy Company

Most people know that we supply green electricity and green gas – and we’re busy making our own – but our green credentials actually go much deeper than that.

We strive to make our energy as green as possible, and we report the carbon content or ‘footprint’ of our energy each year. That’s our first measure. On a proper lifecycle basis, green energy does have a small footprint, and different sources of green energy do have quite different carbon footprints from each other.

Britain's Greenest Energy Company

Perhaps uniquely, we also look at the footprint of our entire operation – everything we do to get our energy to our customers. That’s an unseen but important factor. We report this each year, and by this second measure, we have the lowest carbon footprint, per customer, of any supplier in Britain. Together, these two measures make the whole carbon picture.

EMAS (the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is the key to delivering this for us. EMAS is the gold standard for business environmental management, and we’re the only energy company in the world with EMAS accreditation.

It gives us a complete assessment of our environmental impact, or ‘greenness’ if you like – and enables constant improvement.

Our business model is unique too – we harness our customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy. We call it turning ‘bills into mills’. And no other energy company does more than us on that score – on average, we spend more per customer each year on new sources of green energy than any other energy company in Britain – bar none.

The electricity we supply is 100% green. We produce around 30% of it ourselves, from our windmills and sunmills, and the rest we buy from other green electricity producers. Our aim is to make all of the electricity that we supply ourselves – and we use our customers’ bill money to help us do that.  Being a not for dividend company helps – all of our money can go back into our mission.

Green gas is a relatively new idea and our gas is 12% green this year. This will increase as we start to build our quite revolutionary (grass-fed) Green Gasmills. We have planning permission to build our first Green Gasmill – so the green gas revolution is underway. And until our gas is 100% green (like our electricity is), it comes with a frack-free promise – we’ll never source any gas from shale, and we’ll never invest in fracking.

Last updated: September 2017