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Green energy is the missing link for electric cars.

For an electric vehicle to really run emissions 'free', it has to be powered by green energy. If you get your energy from Ecotricity, you can ensure your car is fuelled by the wind and the sun, at home and away.

For electricity customers, we offer an annual Electric Vehicle discount of £40 from your bills – that’s the equivalent to around 1,000 miles of free electricity each year.

For customers who have both electricity and gas with Ecotricity (or just electricity if you don’t have a gas supply), you'll also receive a discount on our Electric Highway network - so we’ve got you covered at home and on the road.

And as an Ecotricity customer, you’ll also get green energy, great customer service and an ethical pricing policy, which means you’re always on our latest best price.

How to receive your discount on the Electric Highway

Step 1

Switch your electricity and gas (or just electricity if you don’t have a gas supply) to Ecotricity.  You can do that online here

Step 2

Create an Eco ID, if you haven't already created one. Your Eco ID allows you to access your Ecotricity energy account and the Electric Highway app with the same login details. 

Step 3

Download the Electric Highway App and log in using your Eco ID.

Enjoy discounted charging!

That's it! Your Electric Highway and Ecotricity energy accounts are now linked, and you'll receive a 100% discount on your connection fee for as long as you have a live energy account with us.


How to get the Electric Vehicle discount

Who’s eligible for the EV discount?

All 100% electric/ plug-in hybrid/ plug-in range extender cars qualify for our electric car discount.

When you join us, you just need to send us one of the following:

  • A copy of your car’s V5C registration certificate
  • A copy of your signed lease document
  • If it’s a company car we’ll need: a copy of the car’s registration certificate; or a copy of the lease agreement; or a typed letter on your company’s headed paper, signed by your employer and dated within the last three months. This must include: your name and home address, your job title and the car’s make/ model and registration number.

A couple of things to note:

  • This offer only applies to one domestic electricity account – which needs to be the one registered at the address on the car's V5C certificate or lease documents, or your confirmed home address
  •  You need to tell us if you no longer have an electric car as the discount will no longer apply.


How we calculated your 'free' miles

The 1,000 'free' miles is based on an annual discount of £40 a year applied to our Green Electricity tariff. The exact number of 'free' miles you get will depend on your car and driving style.  Nissan quote 1kWh = 5.17 miles of travel for their electric car (Nissan Leaf model) .

Using that information, if you live in London and have a standard meter:

Standard Meter
Unit rate (p/kWh) Discount (per year) 'Free' kWh Miles per kWh 'Free' miles (per year)
16.75p £40.00 239 5.17 1,235

In this example, charging at night using our Economy 7 tariff, the number of 'free' miles is even greater:

Economy 7 Meter
Night rate (p/kWh) Discount (per year) 'Free' kWh Miles per kWh 'Free' miles (per year)
7.37p £40.00 543 5.17 2,806

You can work out your own costs for your electricity usage by entering   your postcode in our price checker.

Get the Electric Highway App

The must-have app for electric car drivers. Gives you access to Britain’s only national network of electricity pumps – the Electric Highway.


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