Pay As You Go Customers

Pay As You Go lets you pay for your electricity or gas before you use it. You simply buy or ‘top up’ your key (electricity) or card (gas) with credit and insert it into your meter.

Having a Pay As You Go meter allows you to manage your electricity and gas use on a daily basis – and, if necessary, it can help you to pay off any outstanding debt in affordable weekly amounts.

Our Ethical Pricing Policy puts all of our customers on the same price – no matter when they joined us. 

The Pay As You Go gas card and electricity key

Find out how and where to top up, how much you can top up at a time and looking after your electricity key or gas card.

What happens if I move house? Or go on holiday? What are all those readings on my meter? Answers to all these and more.

What it is, how it works and how to activate emergency credit on your meter.

How to protect yourself from fraud, debt advice and who to contact if you need help out of hours.

A useful guide for customers with an electricity prepayment meter.

A useful guide for customers with a gas prepayment meter.