Team Eco

We’re all about the Green Energy Revolution of course. But we’re also about ethics and sustainability and putting them at the heart of business and of life (we don’t see a distinction).

Part of our work is to challenge the way people perceive the notion of greenness or green living – the idea that it’s all about giving stuff up, about lentils and sandals (though we love both). Our work is about showing that sustainable living is something both feasible and fun – where we can maintain the kind of lifestyle we’re used to, through intelligent use of technology and changing behaviour.  

This leads us to be involved in all sorts of things, from football clubs to Eco centres and habitat creation and we work with lots of like-minded companies. Together we’re a team, all working to bring sustainability into the mainstream. Together we’re Team Eco.

Motorbike display team in a pyramid formation!

Taking the Eco message to a whole new audience. The world of football.

Forest Green Rovers

How will we keep the lights on (and eat and travel) in a post oil world? Have your say on our blogs.

Our Blogs

A radical new idea – take land and give it back to nature.

Ecotricity Forest

We’re proud to be working with, and powering, some awesome partners.

Our Partners

Come and discover Green Britain and enjoy a windmill’s view of the Norfolk countryside.

The Green Britain Centre