Putting the bee back in Britain

Britain’s pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies are in decline – creatures that are vital to pollinating the crops that feed us.

We’re working with Buglife to call on the nation to stand up and defend Britain’s bees!

As part of this, we’ve launched a mobile phone service – with a difference. Ecotalk is powered by Ecotricity – so every text sent, every call made, and every byte of data used is powered by green energy from the wind and the sun.

And the money from Ecotalk bills is used to buy land to give back to nature and let it run wild – creating ideal new habitats for bees and other pollinators around Britain.

Sign the Pollinator Promise, and help us put the bee back in Britain!

Get the buzz about our most iconic insects.

Find out why we’re calling on the nation to stand up and defend the British bee.

Why we’re putting the bee back in Britain

Choose one of six simple things you can do to save our bees, and make the Pollinator Promise!

Make the Pollinator Promise

Find out why 35 species of British bee are under threat.

Our lovely friends at Buglife have put together a fantastic beginners’ guide to identifying bees.

Learn how to make a simple habitat for bees in your garden.

Make a bee hotel