Our Eco Credentials

Ecotricity’s purpose in life is the environment. We’re here to promote sustainable living in all its forms.

Our major activity is changing the way energy is made and used in the UK. And even though windmills save carbon we know that our operations have an impact.

We don’t just ‘try’ to reduce our impact or ‘pledge’ to; we’re working on it all the time. It’s just what we do, it’s in our DNA.

An upraised fist against a recycling logo

We prefer Deeds to Words - but here’s our environmental commitment, written down.

Our Environmental Policy

Our EMAS accreditation - No other energy company in the world has it.


Our offices are all a bit special, as you might expect.

Ecotricity Offices

Read our vision for a Green Britain and what we need to do to get there.

Our 2030 Vision for a Green Britain

Some of the awards we have picked up over the years

Our Awards